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Inspired Artists That I Love!

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Hey y'all! It's Mrs Stovy! Art has always been something I was passionate about and have dabbled in. I was in in art classes, ceramics class and art history growing up, but I never pursued it much. I was always participating in athletics as I was growing up and I invested much of my time to softball and cheerleading. It was not until I was out of high school, college, dental hygiene school and already working as a dental hygienist, when I started watching YouTube and learned how to make abstract art.

I was originally inspired by Vincent Van Gogh in elementary school. He was and is still my favorite artist of all time, but I have grown fond of many other artists, famous or not famous. There is such beauty in being able to create your own individual style and bring your dreams to fruition. Growing up, Starry Night by Van Gogh was a painting I would see anywhere and I had to have it. I have many different variations of that painting and it inspires me in a way to be creative and to be myself. There is always a connection with a piece of art. The thing I like most about art is it can be interpreted any way by anyone. If you are an art fan you can appreciate the journey and the meaning behind the painting that the artist is trying to portray. There is always a lot of passion in each artistic piece being created.

Like I said before, I have always had a passion for creating and why not find something you like to do and make it your job! This is a side hustle for me at the moment, but one day I hope to turn it into my full time career being able to be free to create whatever comes to mind.

Now that Instagram is a popular avenue for almost anything, I love following new artists! Some have many followers some have very few. I love seeing the potential in each and every artist and what they bring to the table. I can get lost for hours just admiring other artists and their journey through art.

For some it really helps with stress and mental clarity. For me I find painting an escape from the troubles I may be facing in that particular moment. Painting not only makes me happy, but it is a relaxation technique majority of the time. I am sure other artists can fully relate. This provides a place where they can quiet their mind and withdraw from the day to day stress of life.

Other artists I find intriguing are Jackson Pollock, The Colorful Heartist, Shelee Art, Blueberry Glitter, Mrs. Colorberry, Sarah The Rainbow Artist, Julie Badow, Chelsea Baugh, Callen Schaub and Captain Casual. There are many more, but these draw my attention the most.

I inspire to be like these artists one day. It just takes courage to step out of your comfort zone, be confident in yourself and never stop going no matter what!

-Mrs. Stovy

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